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Holmes Hill Peacock

Meet our resident peacock, Ayrton!

Unfortunatly after 15 years, Our Peacock got killed by a fox on 17/2/2021. He will be sadly missed.
If you visit Holmes Hill Estate Cafe or Masterpiece Pottery Studio, you will no doubt see “Ayrton” our resident Peacock. Ayrton lives in the tree above the cafe and is the last remaining of the six peacocks and peahens that we had at Holmes Hill. Unfortunately the others were either eaten by foxes or killed by the main road. Ayrton has lived at Holmes Hill for over fifteen years now and will actually eat out of your hand if you are patient enough, he has become that tame. His daily diet is mixed corn and he likes cakes as a treat at the end of the day. Named after the Formula one triple world champion “Ayrton Senna”, he actually will come running towards you if you call his name.

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